Currency Conversions Notification

Currency Conversions Notification

Dear valued customers,

This is an important announcement about currency conversions.

We are fortunate to serve from customers from all over the world. To make sure that customers have a convenient shopping experience, the price on the product page will automatically be converted and shown from USD (our store default price) to your country currency.

Currency conversion occurs at the time of the transaction, when you proceed with payment procedures at checkout. The final purchase price for the customers is back to USD.

NOTE:  Since the final purchase price depends on the exchange rates used by the user's credit card or other payment service provider. This means that the estimate and the final purchase price may be different. 

For example: If you are from Canada, you place an order for $30 CAD. When you submit your order at that time, $1 USD is equal to $1.27 CAD. The final price you will pay is $23.6 USD

Store default price Product price shown in customer's currency Final order amount
 $23.6 $30 CAD $23.6 USD

This notification to make sure you won't be confused seeing the difference between your paid order value.

Best Regards,

The Unifamy Team